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We develop art, culture and heritage exhibits that can be rented, leased or purchased. They can be tailor-made to fit a specific theme, cause or event. They are available through out mobile art centers and pop-up museums. When you contract for us to come we provide you with a personalized package with "products" to include. 

If you book us to come to you there is an additional cost to cover maintenance and travel costs. There is a nonrefundable $25 administrative fee that is applied to your the total fee of the package or event you select. Additionally, you will receive a voucher for an "art product", "publication" or you can use towards tickets to one of our events. SCROLL DOWN and check out some of what we offer.

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By "The Book" Series, Bringing the Best From the Creative,

Prolific, Innovative Mind of Mendel Denise Service

Integrating The Arts Into Every Day Life

The goal of this project is to help decrease cultural alienation and cultural homelessness and to take the edge off physical and emotional hunger and loneliness for those dealing with these realities. In keeping with our mission (affordability, accessibility and diversity) this is a low cost event when held at one of our participating venues. The idea is to increase the integration of the arts into every day society with a win-win outcome by demonstrating how it is possible to attract new participants, clients and customers and a new audience base through these ventures.

A Win-Win

A successful outcome will have five desired results. 

1. We will help develop new spaces and places for performing and visual artists, storytellers, writers, musicians, poets and vocalists to showcase their work. It will be a pro version of the open mic concept so that we can establish and maintain standards of excellence.

2. The aforementioned will be able to earn income in sales and future paying gigs.

3. "Host"business will have opportunities to generate income in sales.

4. Events will attract new clients, customers and audience members

5. They could lead to "jobs" and income.

Affordable Events

In order for this venture to succeed attendees need to purchase at least one cup of tea ($5) (when the event is at one of our participating venues) and they also need to bring a few dollars to use towards purchasing art, a publication or an art product or two from our featured artists.

Mendel is the anchor storyteller. This venture gives her an opportunity to share new works and to polish her classics. From time to time other storytellers will be invited to perform and on some occasions audience members will be given guidance and an opportunity to share a "story".

Building Community

Mendel is a prolific, creative person. She has created a community module designed to include both like minded individuals and others who contribute and benefit in other ways. Stay tuned as projects take shape, events and special services are offered with love and through wonderful, unique ways to have fun while helping others.