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If you would like to participate in developing amazing cultural arts, heritage, legacy centers, art galleries and museums, (in Newport News, VA) this is a great opportunity. We are are extending an invitation to purchase the $100 MEGA TICKET that can be used for purchase of existing products, events or activities. For more information please send me an email of inquiry via my contact page on this website. This is a major project. It is a works in progress. Stay tuned and/or check back to see our status and progress. Our major need is for $25,000 to begin the purchase of property where we will house programs, projects, exhibits and activities. If we are unable to raise sufficient funds to buy our building everyone will get a refund, minus a nonrefundable administrative fee charged to us.

Originals Art by an Original Artist 

From Mendel's Collection Original Art, Quality Premium Prints & Standard Prints. You can purchase an artist's enhanced, canvas prints to insure vibrancy and rich colors. There is an additional $35 per reproduction for this.


Featuring work from MENDEL'S various series. All artwork (available in this $99 Sale) are equal in value regardless of the size. Size variations make it possible to select a work, of art, that fits a display area that is suitable for a specific size.

STANDARD SIZES: 5 X 7 ~ 8 X 10 ~ 8 1/2 X 14 - 11 X 17

Once you have purchased your ticket online (or from participating merchants) you can choose to do one of the following; 1. If we are going to be in your area doing a pop-up, you can pick up your art work at the next scheduled event (Artist's Salon or V.I.P. Book Signing & Author Talk) You must specify this in a message via our CONTACT page, 2. You can Include postage (if you are mailing your payment) or you can pay a S & H fee. We we will mail you your purchases. 3. Attend a local event and pick up your work (at a specific time) during the event.

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